10 Recommanded SOMOSTEL Phone Chargers

Since initiated from 2017, SOMOSTEL have been recognized and highly appreciated by more and more customers. Featured with high quality, affordable price and worriless services, its star series phone charger and phone cables are particularly praised by customers. Here are 10 SOMOSTEL chargers that are highly recommended by customers. Don’t forget to add them to your shopping list.

1 18W PD Fast-charging Adapter
Model: SMS-A71

Recommended: ★★★★★

After half-year developed and engineered, SMS-A71 18W PD adapter was first released in Oct at Global Sources Electronics. Why could it rank top of the list? Firstly, it’s a fast-charging featured charger with full compatibility. It can be fully compatible with multiple fast charging protocols. Secondly, you can pair it with PD cable to charge iPhone, iPad series and USB-C-enabled devices to take advantage of fast-charging feature, charging up to 60% in 30mins. But, the biggest draw must be its budget-friendly price. It’s really a bargain by comparison of the same products from other suppliers.

2 2.1A Fast-charging Charger with Cable   Model: SMS-A03


This must be the most classical charger on the list. With monthly 5W+ sales volume, it’s well-deserved the top re-order products among them. Every first-order customer would definitely reorder again. With built-in cable and one more USB at the top, it’s capable of charging two devices simultaneously. You may question that there are many similar products in the market, why should I choose it? To be honestly, most similar products picked from the market proved to be default capacity after physical test. But SOMOSTEL chargers are real capacity, high quality and good price.

3, QC3.0 Fast-charging Travel Charger   Model: SMS-A12


Concise and sleek design of SMS-A12 QC3.0 quick charger made it the best-loved appearance in 2018. It’s single USB with QC3.0 function, supporting fast-charging feature. It’s available with US, EU, Argentina prongs to satisfy customers from different regions and countries.

4, 2.1A Dual USB Ports Travel Charger    Model: SMS-A13


SMS-A13 dual USB-port travel chargers enjoy the same design with SMS-A12, the difference lies in the number and function of USB ports. SMS-A13 possesses two USB outputs, one for 1A output and the other for 2.1A. For those customers looking for dual USB charger with cost-effective price, SMS-A12 would be a very nice choice.

5, 2.1A Single USB-Port Travel Charger    Model: SMS-A10

Recommended: ★★★★★

Owning single USB with 2.1A output, SMS-A10 is another re-order king on the list. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to carry and store on the go. Most of customers put it on the top of the list in terms of its economical price and compact design.

6, QC3.0 & 5V2.4A Dual USB-Port Travel Charger    Model: SMS-A69

Recommended: ★★★★★

SMS-A69 was introduced early in 2019, combined with one QC output and one 5V-2.4A output. It’s ideal for charging two devices including one tablet of 2.4A and one fast-charging enabled smartphone at the same time, taking advantage of fast-charging feature. Vertical prong design allows user to plug and unplug USB cables in more convenient direction. Its mellow-contoured design allows you to grip it more comfortably.

7, QC3.0 & 5V2.1A Dual USB-Port Travel Charger    Model: SMS-A17

Recommended: ★★★★☆

It’s a dual USB-port charger combined with one QC output and one 5V-2.1A output. It’s functionally similar to SMS-A69, but with 2.1A rather than 2.4A for the second output. Also, A17 adopts traditional horizontal prongs.  

8, 2.4A Dual USB-Port Travel Charger    Model: SMS-A129

Recommended: ★★★★★

Supporting maximum 2.4A output, SMS-A129 presents a smaller size compared to similar products SMS-A12.  39L*28W*44H(mm)volume size makes it easier to slide into your pocket.

9, Little Square 2.1A USB Travel Charger   Model: SMS-83

Recommended: ★★★★★

Smallest size, colorful edges appearance and economical price all contribute to make it, the SMS-A83, the most hot-selling charger at our Panama office. Targeted in general market, it is highly recommended to those customers who prefer a relatively lower price, popular style and reliable quality, SMS-83 would not frustrate you.

10, Maximum 1.2A Single USB Travel Adapter   Model: SMS-A56

Recommended: ★★★★★

Oriented on general market as well, SMS-A56 adopts the same design style as SMS-A83, main white + colorful edge, but upgraded A56 has 5 five colors including blue, pink, green, grey and white. Furthermore, it’s designed in a rounded contour. Supporting maximum 1.2A current output, it is suitable for charging iPhone series and other smartphones with lower battery capacity. Cost-effective and well-engineered, if you’re looking forward a lower price, don’t miss it.

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