USB Power Delivery-A Nice Future-proofed Option to Have

What is USB Power Delivery

More and more people talk about Power Delivery these days, but what is Power Delivery? To help you make heads and tails of PD (for shortly), here are several points you’ll want to know.  

Fast charging is a convenient way to make your phone topped up throughout the day, but it comes in a variety of flavors. Qualcomm has its Quick Charge technology in a number of handsets. OPPO and OnePlus offer varieties of VOOC. MediaTek has Pump Express, Huawei owns FCP and SCP. The list goes on. However, due to different standards and speeds between different types of USB, certain devices or cables are not compatible with other types of ports.

To solve this issue of compatibility, USB Power delivery was introduced. In conclusion, PD is a standardizing specification combined with the above different charging systems that enables a wide range of devices to share chargers and even power each other seamlessly.

Three Great Features of USB Power Delivery.

The biggest draw to make it worthwhile is that USB Power Delivery has increased standard level up to 100W. This means wider compatibility. Normally, you need separate adapter and cable for your smartphones, tablets, laptops and other peripherals for charging. Now with USB Power Delivery, you may finish this with just one adapter and cable, bringing extremely portability on the go.

Another great feature of USB Power Delivery is the fact that the flow of energy of it is bi-directional. In other words, you can use either of the two devices to charge the other.

Last but not least, Power Delivery will also ensure devices are not overcharged and will only provide the necessary amount of juice needed.

How to Choose PD Products for Your Devices

You won’t feel these benefits until you own several USB PD enable devices. And you may get confused when choose PD capable charging product for your devices, situated on that there are different “ watts” 18W, 29W, 45W, 65W or even 100W PD products. Here concluded a list to help you fixing this problem.

USB Power Delivery is likely to become more and more common. Even power banks now have USB PD features, like SOMOSTEL SMS-DY06 FAST CHARGE POWER BANK WITH PD & QC3.0. 

SOMOSTEL charger and power series products are certificated by different authorities, quality-guaranteed.

Also, SOMOSTEL SMS-A71 18W PD Adapter and Cable allow charging up to 60% in 30 minutes.  

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