SOMOSTEL 2023 Mother’s Day Promotion


Promotion details are as follow:: Subject to stock and availability of new products at the time of order (During the promotion time, we will give away cash coupons, exclusive Mother’s Day gifts, and new product experiences coupons).

  1. New clients who order over US$1,000 during the promotion, get USD$20 new product experience coupon ( products exclude from the order), 1pcs Countertop Display box, 1pcs product kit;
  2. Order of US$5,000 during the promotion, get USD$80 cash coupon, 30pcs Grocery Tote Bags , 20pcs ballpoint pens, 2pcs notebooks;
  3. Order of US$10,000 during the promotion, get USD$100 cash coupon , 200pcs brochure , 50pcs Grocery Tote Bags, 50pcs ballpoint pens , 3pcs T-shirt of SOMOSTEL;
  4. Order of US$30,000 during the promotion, get USD$400 cash coupon, 50pcs brand product catalogs, 200pcs brochure, 140pcs Bubble Packaging Bags , 10pcs Countertop Display box , 100pcs Grocery Tote Bags, 50pcs ballpoint pens, 3pcs notebooks, 5pcs T-shirt of SOMOSTEL;
  5. Order of US$50,000 during the promotion,get USD$800 cash coupon, 2pcs Landing Display Rack, 2pcs Countertop rotating display Rack, 50pcs brand product catalogs, 200pcs brochure, 200pcs Bubble Packaging Bags, 20pcs Countertop Display box, 200pcs Grocery Tote Bags, 100pcs ballpoint pens , 5pcs notebooks , 5pcs hats , 5pcs T-shirt of SOMOSTEL;
  6. Order of US$100,000 during the promotion,get USD$1000 cash coupon, 5pcs Landing Display Rack, 5pcs Countertop rotating display Rack, 50pcs brand product catalogs, 500pcs brochure, 340pcs Bubble Packaging Bags , 30pcs Countertop Display box, 400pcs Grocery Tote Bags, 200pcs ballpoint pens, 10pcs notebooks, 10pcs hats, 20pcs T-shirt of SOMOSTEL;
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